Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Minor updates

Have been testing the CPU Core this morning, and fixed a couple of small bugs round the divider timer (twice as fast as it should be on the flag tests), so the generator code is updated to reflect those features.

Also, the assembler has had the ability to do data statements added. I'm not quite sure why I bothered with this as there appears to be no way of reading from the ROM.

You can create a table because LAX skips subsequent lax instructions. So if you have:

  lax 4
  lax 7
  lax 14
  lax 3

and jump in at (say) "lax 7" it executes lax 7 (put 7 in the accumulator) but ignores all subsequent lax instructions.  But if you want to read 8 bit values, you can't. It's a bit wasteful.

It may even make sense to create a psuedo op "table" which generates the above with

  table 4,7,14,3

Next thing is to create the display object which will simulate the LCD screen.

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