Monday, 24 June 2013

Another bug fix

The TM, TML and RTN instructions weren't doing their job, this is now fixed.

Additionally there is a procedure mechanism using TM which works as follows:


    proc pname
    (do stuff)


    tm pname

it also has a pseudo operation 'extpage' which works like nextpage except that it skips pages 0 and 16 of ROM memory which are used for this mechanism. Procedures can be defined retrospectively. Only 32 (currently) are allowed.

The point of this is that you can write page independent code. The assembler takes care of patching up the procedure links (it does this via pages 0 and 16, and possibly later 17), and you don't have to bother with TML (which only works in certain pages). This can now just be ignored.

The stack is only two levels deep so it's still not going to be very structured though.....

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